Phu Quoc Peppercorns - White

Phu Quoc Peppercorns - White

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This is one of the finest peppers in the world. If you are after a warm, pungent and strongly aromatic pepper, this is the one to go for! Suitable as a finishing pepper for any type of savoury dish.

Hot, but lingers in the mouth without being overlay sharp. Delicately woody, lightly floral fragrance with a hint of smokiness. 

With a barely nuanced, somewhat fermented profile, this is a pepper that’s sure to charm those who are less enamoured of the typical, intense, farm-like personalities of most white peppers. This pepper is ideally suited to enhancing but not masking flavours. White pepper can be added to dishes without its flavour becoming dominant. Essential to Chinese cuisine. In Western cooking however, it is often served with white sauces, soups or mashed potatoes. 

White pepper is originally Red pepper, having been soaked to remove the pericarp; this removes the fruitiness and results in a pure peppery pepper 


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