Ajowan - Carom - Kings Cumin, 50g The seed of the Bishop's weed, have a very strong Thyme like flavour added to soups, stews and curries, fish and vegetable. This spice also combines well with Fennel, Cardamom, Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamon and Pepper. Unit price: £3.55 (approx. €3.98)
Allspice - Pimento, 25g This spice has a warm aroma which resembles a peppery compound of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Allspice, Pimento, ground, 25g Keep the ground spice in an airtight container for the flavour to stay fresh Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Amchoor Powder/Mango Powder, 100g This powder is made out of the green unripe Mango and is used in North Indian cooking to give a tang of tropical fruit to vegetable stews and soups. Add it to curries the last 10 min. of cooking time. Unit price: £3.55 (approx. €3.98)
Anise China, "Star Anise", ground, 25g The powder is used in Five Spice powder or added to marinades together with other spices, like cassia, cinnamon, coriander, fennel, garlic and ginger. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Aniseeds, green, 50g Sweet, liquorice-like, warm flavour suitable for cakes, breads, biscuits and sweet fruit dishes. I also use it a lot with fish and vegetable curries. Unit price: £2.75 (approx. €3.08)
Annatto Seeds, 50g Also known as Achiote seeds. They can be soaked in hot water to give soups and rice dishes a golden yellow colour. Soak a few seeds in oil to use in salads, or as the finishing drizzle over a meal. Unit price: £3.95 (approx. €4.42) This product is also available in a tin
Asafoetida, "Hing Powder", 25g Asafoetida is the dried resious gum out of a so called giant Fennel tree. It is used in Indian vegetarian cooking, especially with pulses and grains. Once added in cooking it resembles the taste of onion and garlic. Use sparingly. Unit price: £3.55 (approx. €3.98) This product is also available in a tin
Basil, Italian, 30g Perfect for pesto and other tomato based dishes. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Basil, Lebanese, 30g Strong, warm and sweet flavour. Unit price: £2.25 (approx. €2.52)
Bay Leaves, ground, 50g Useful in marinades and sauces, and in spice blends. Combines well with Savoury, Garlic, Marjoram, Sage, Oregano, Parsley, Allspice, Thyme and Juniper berries. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Bay Leaves, hand picked, 15g Aromatic,large leaves selected for us in Grenada. Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Black Onion Seeds, "Nigella Seeds", 50g Also known as Nigella seeds or Love-in-a-mist. The seeds can be sprinkled on flatbreads and rolls, or over roasted vegetable and cheese dishes. The seeds have a light nutty oregano flavour. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Bouquet Garni, loose herbs, 30g To use like Mixed Herbs in soups and stews. Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Caraway Seeds, 50g The seeds are used in particular with fatty meats like pork, Lamb and Game, of course, with cabbage. Not to be missed in Hungarian Goulash, and in bread, especially rye. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Cardamom Pods, Black, 25g The seeds have a taste of pine with a smoky, earthy, clove-like note. Essential in Byriani dishes and Garam Masala. Do not confuse with green cardamom. Unit price: £2.85 (approx. €3.19)
Cardamom Pods, Green, 25g Essential in curry powders, dals, masalas, pilafs and puddings. Good with apples, oranges, pulses, sweet potatoes and other root vegetables. Unit price: £2.85 (approx. €3.19)
Cardamom Pods, Green, ground, 25g Good for baking but otherwise buy it in pods or in seed form as it stays fresher for much longer that way. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Cardamom, Green, inside seeds, 25g These are the little black seeds found inside the cardamom pod so all the work is already done for you! Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Cassia Bark, ground, 50g Must be kept out of light and air-tight to keep its flavour. Unit price: £3.25 (approx. €3.64)
Celery Seeds, 50g The seeds are very pungent and a little goes a long way. Add to soups, stews, cabbage, chicken, cucumber, fish, potatoes, rice, soy sauces, tomatoes, tofu Unit price: £2.55 (approx. €2.86)
Chervil, 30g Good with asparagus, broad beans, green beans, beetroot, carrots, cream cheese, eggs and fish Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Chilli String-Guindilla ristra, 200 chillies This string of dried Guindilla chillies from Spain is most decorative in your kitchen but also handy for when you need a dried, medium hot chilli. Unit price: £50.00 (approx. €56.00)
Chipotle in Adobo, 350g See cooking accessories section for description Unit price: £5.99 (approx. €6.71)
Chives, 30g With a light onion aroma, these go well with avocadoes, courgettes, cream cheese, eggs, fish and seafood, potatoes, smoked salmon and root vegetables Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Cinnamon Quills, 6 inch, each Pale brown strips of dried bark rolled one into another. Always roll the quills between your hands to release the sweet heady cinnamon flavour. Unit price: £0.45 (approx. €0.50)
Cinnamon, ground, 50g This is a Grenadan cinnamon which is very sweet in taste with a hint of clove and citrus. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30) This product is also available in a tin
Cloves "hand picked", 35g A warm aroma with notes of pepper and camphor. Combines well with allspice, bay, cardamom, cinnamon and chilli. Good with apples, vegetables, ham, oranges, pork, and lamb. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30) This product is also available in a tin
Cloves, ground, 25g The warm flavour of cloves is essential in masalas, curries, five spice powder, berbere and baharats. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Coriander Leaves, 25g The leaves of the coriander plant , they give a lemony-ginger flavour with a hint of sage. Used in most Asian, Latin American and Mediterranean dishes. Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Coriander Seeds, 50g The sweetness of the spice comes through in this organic variety from Sudan. Grind small amounts at the time and use it straight away. Remember, a little goes a long way. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30) This product is also available in a tin
Coriander, ground, 50g This is of the Indian oval shaped variety which is very nutty in flavour. Needs to be stored air- and light-tight to preserve the flavour. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30) This product is also available in a tin
Cubebs Medieval Talied Pepper, 50g Also known as Java pepper, this has a warm pleasant aroma with a hint of pepper and allspice. Used in vegetable and meat stews and in Middle Eastern cooking. Goes well with bay, cardamom, cinnamon, curry leaf, rosemary and thyme. Unit price: £3.99 (approx. €4.47)
Cumin Seeds whole, 50g The flavour is rich, slightly bitter, sharp, earthy and warm. Combines well with ajowan, allspice, aniseed, bay, cardamom, chilli, cinnamon, cloves, coriander and nutmeg. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30) This product is also available in a tin
Cumin, ground , 50g This cumin is from a small farm in Sudan and its strong, sharp, earthy flavour is used in cooking around the world. Keep this one airtight and away from light as well. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30) This product is also available in a tin
Curry Leaves Dried , 15g A good store cupboard item to have for adding to curries and stir-fries. Adds an aromatic flavour with a spicy citrus note. Also see Fresh Curry Leaves in our Fresh Produce section. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Dill Seeds, 50g Great in slow -cooked foods, these have an aroma of sweet caraway , with a sharpness and a lingering warmth. Often used in Indian curries and dal dishes. Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Dill Weed Tips, 30g One of my favourite herbs to use in soups, salads, fish or egg dishes and with steamed vegetables. Dill has a clean, fragrant aroma of anise and lemon. Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Fennel Seeds, 50g An anise- liquorice flavour to be added to fish, cabbage, duck, leeks, lentils, pork, potatoes and tomatoes. Dry roasting the seeds then grinding them brings out the sweetness. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Fenugreek Leaves/Methi, 30g The taste is celery/loveage like and bitter. They are often added to curries at the end of cooking and are used especially in Iranian cooking where they are added to stews and rice dishes. Unit price: £2.45 (approx. €2.74)
Fenugreek Seeds, 50g Often referred to in Indian cook books as methi seeds. By dry roasting the seeds they get a burnt sugar, nutty flavour.If whole seeds are used in a paste soak them for several hours first. Unit price: £2.85 (approx. €3.19)
Fenugreek Seeds, ground, 50g As with all ground spices it is essential to keep them airtight and in the dark. Try and mix ground fenugreek with chilli powder, cinnamon, coriander, pepper, and turmeric and use it as a dry rub on meats ....fantastic! Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Fines Herbes, 35g A classic French herb mix of Parsley, Chives, Chervil and Tarragon. Use in soups, stews, fish and egg dishes, and in salads. Unit price: £3.25 (approx. €3.64)
Galangal powder, 50g Mild gingery flavour with a sweet lemony sourness. Used in Thai cooking, the powder is quite a reasonable substitute to the fresh Galangal. See also our fresh produce section for fresh galangal. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Garlic granules "fine", 50g Fine garlic granules are handy when making your own spice blends and add that extra flavour to spice rubs for grilling. Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Garlic powder, 50g Garlic powder needs to be stored in a dry and cool place. Add 5-6 dry rice kernels to the powder to prevent it from getting sticky and lumpy. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Garlic slices, dehydrated, 35g This sliced garlic is good to use for infusing in olive oil or vinegars. To re-hydrate the slices just add hot water and let them soak for 20 mins, then use just like fresh garlic. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Giant Tahitian Vanilla Pods, 1 pod Absolutely gorgeous! When these first came in the entire shop floor lit up in amazement. About 3 times the size of our already delectable Madagascan pods, these juicy looking giant pods are a real treat for dessert makers. Strong, intensely aromatic and about as perfect as vanilla gets!!! Unit price: £3.50 (approx. €3.92)
Ginger ground, 50g The taste is warm and peppery with a light, lemony note. It is fiery and pungent, and a little goes a long way. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30) This product is also available in a tin
Ginger Root Pieces, dehydrated, 50g Little pieces of ginger that can be soaked in hot water for 30 mins to soften up and be used like fresh ginger. See also our fresh produce section for fresh ginger. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Grains of Paradise/Mediaeval Peppers, 50g This grain was brought to Europe in the 13th century and was often used as a replacement of true pepper. The flavour is pungently hot and peppery, with a fruity note. Used with meat or fish dishes it's fantastic! Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Greek Herb Mix , 35g This herb mix can be used in everything from stews to salad dressings, in marinades for grilling or dishes like Moussaka and stevalos. Unit price: £3.95 (approx. €4.42)
Herbes de Provence, 40g Use for braised meat and game dishes, especially those cooked in a red wine sauce. Our mix contains thyme, marjoram, rosemary, savory, lavender flowers and hyssop. Unit price: £3.25 (approx. €3.64)
Horseradish Flakes, dehydrated, 50g Put a few spoons of horseradish flakes in a cup and pour boiling water over it, let it soften for 30min, then use it in stews or to make horseradish sauce. See our fresh produce section for the fresh stuff. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Italian Herb mix, 35g A fantastic herb blend for spaghetti sauces ,Italian stews and soups. With its rich marjoram and basil flavour it adds a nice sweet taste to the food. Unit price: £3.55 (approx. €3.98)
Juniper Berries, 35g Good with game, pork, cabbage, beef, duck and goose.The flavour is unmistakably gin-like and the sweetish aroma combines well with fatty foods. Unit price: £3.65 (approx. €4.09)
Kaffir Lime Leaves, freeze dried, 5g These have an explosive citrus flavour even though they are dried. Added to a dish towards the end of cooking time they work as well as the fresh lime leaves. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Laksa mix, 50g This popular Asian noodle dish gets a rich kick from this spice mix. Unit price: £3.95 (approx. €4.42)
Lemon Grass stalks, freeze dried, 20g Add to soups and curries whilst cooking. Again, it's not as pungent as the fresh stalks. For the fresh stalks see our fresh produce section. Unit price: £2.75 (approx. €3.08)
Lemon Grass, ground, 50g Works in conjunction with other spices in your cooking or for making your own lemon grass paste. Unit price: £2.85 (approx. €3.19)
Lemon Thyme, 50g That bittersweet aroma of thyme with a hint of lemon works well with fatty meats, in marinades and in fish stews. Unit price: £2.45 (approx. €2.74)
Lime Powder, 50g Crushed Iranian dried limes. Added to stews, marinades, rice dishes and salad dressings it adds a warm citrus like flavour with a hint of sweetness. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Limes Dried whole/Iran, each Pierce the limes and add to stews whole. they soften in cooking and are served as part of the dish to be squeezed to extract all the juice. Unit price: £0.45 (approx. €0.50)
Lovage Leaves, 35g My favourite herb added to soups,sauces, and stews, it gives a stock-cube-like flavour with a taste of celery, anise, lemon and yeast. Unit price: £2.55 (approx. €2.86)
Mace Blade, 25g This is the lacy covering of the nutmeg and is often used when a lighter flavouring than that of nutmeg is required . Always buy it whole rather than ground. it stays fresher for much longer. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30) This product is also available in a tin
Mace Blade, ground, 25g Because of its high volatile oil content this spice needs to be kept in a dry, dark, airtight container and used within 4 -6 months. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Mahlab , 50g Pure Mahlab powder - ground from the Mahlab cheery stone. It has an unmistakably exquisite taste that goes well in biscuits, cherry cakes, etc as well as savoury dishes such as cheese pastries. Unit price: £2.99 (approx. €3.35)
Marjoram, 35g Always add dried herbs towards the end of cooking time so they can develop their flavour without being cooked-out. Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Mint, 30g Strong in flavour, this is great in Turkish and Iranian dishes. Try it with lentil soup or lamb stews. Unit price: £2.85 (approx. €3.19)
Mixed Herbs Standard, 35g Oregano, thyme, sage, savory, parsley, marjoram, all mixed together. Good with beef, pork, lamb, poultry and vegetables. Unit price: £2.75 (approx. €3.08)
Mixed Spice, 50g A warm and rich taste for all your baking and sweet dishes.Consists of Cinnamon, Mace, Nutmeg and Cloves. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30) This product is also available in a tin
Mountain Pepper leafe ground, 25g From the uplands of Tasmania, the leaves of this tree are crushed to release a woody, spicy, citrus note with a pungent bite. Used with game, beef, lamb, pulses and root vegetables it combines well with juniper, lemon myrtle, marjoram, mustard, red wine, rosemary and thyme. Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Mustard Powder/English, 50g A versatile ingredient to have in the kitchen, I add it to paprika and crushed pepper and use it as a rub for beef, or add a sprinkling to salad dressings ....fantastic zing. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Mustard Seeds Black, 100g The heat of these seeds affect the nose and eyes as well as the mouth, so a little goes a long way. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30) This product is also available in a tin
Mustard Seeds Yellow, 100g This is the oriental variety used a lot in Japan. Slightly smaller seeds, with a sweet pungent aroma. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30) This product is also available in a tin
Nigari Flakes , 100g Essential for making your own tofu at home. Unit price: £2.50 (approx. €2.80)
Nutmegs, ground, 25g This one comes from Grenada and is very intense in its sweet, warm flavour. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Nutmegs, whole/Grenadan, each Very large nutmegs from Grenada. Unit price: £0.55 (approx. €0.62)
Onion Powder, 50g Good to have in the kitchen to create your own spice blends. Add 6-7 dry rice kernels to the powder to keep it from going sticky and hard. Unit price: £2.99 (approx. €3.35)
Onions, Kibbled, 50g Dried onions add a good flavour to soups and stews with much more sweetness than from fresh onions. Unit price: £2.99 (approx. €3.35)
Oregano Greek "Rigani", 25g This wild mountain hybrid from the Island of Crete is one of the finest Oreganos I have ever come across. The taste is strong with a slight lemony -peppery note. Really worth the money. Unit price: £4.95 (approx. €5.54)
Oregano Italian , 30g A robustly flavoured Oregano, peppery and sharp. Great on pizzas and in Mediterranean cooking. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Oregano Lebanese, 30g This is a very dark oregano which is sometimes known as black oregano. It has a strong peppery flavour and keeps its flavour even in long-cooked dishes. Unit price: £2.75 (approx. €3.08)
Oregano Mexican, 30g This oregano is related to lemon verbena and has a sweet peppery flavour. Essential in Mexican dishes and quite different from the regular oregano. Unit price: £3.65 (approx. €4.09)
Parsley, 30g Dried flat-leaf parsley. With a milder flavour than the curly one, it should be added at the last few minutes of cooking time. Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Pickling Spice, 50g A combination of pepper, mustard seeds, chillies, bay,coriander, cloves and pimento. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Poppy Seeds, Blue, 100g The blue seeds of the poppy plant are used as a topping for bread, biscuits, pasta, cheese, mashed potato. They combine well with allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and sesame seeds. Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Poppy Seeds, White, UK only, 100g The white seeds are used as a thickening agent instead of almonds in curry dishes, especially vindaloo and korma. Unit price: £2.60 (approx. €2.91)
Rosemary, 50g This one comes from Italy and has a very strong, woody, balsamic, astringent note. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Saffron Persian Sargol, 1g The worlds finest saffron, with a deep red colour which becomes intense yellow once infused. Unit price: £12.90 (approx. €14.45)
Saffron Persian Sargol, 2g A deep red colour and arguably the best Saffron on the market. Unit price: £19.95 (approx. €22.34)
Sage, 40g Good with apples, dried beans, cheese, veal, onions and, of course, in stuffing. Unit price: £2.75 (approx. €3.08)
Sage, rubbed English, 40g Common sage with a balsamic, camphorous spiciness. Combines well with bay, caraway, celery, garlic, dried ginger, lovage and marjoram. Unit price: £2.45 (approx. €2.74)
Savory, 50g A good flavouring for long cooked meat and vegetable dishes and, of course, bean stews. The taste is peppery, with a hint of mint ,marjoram and thyme. Our current variety is winter savory, which grows all year round. Unit price: £2.65 (approx. €2.97)
Sichuan Pepper "Fagara", 35g A very fragrant, woody, pungent note with a hint of citrus peel that leaves a tingling effect in the mouth. Used in Chinese 5 spice and seven spice blend. Unit price: £3.75 (approx. €4.20)
Star Anise whole, 35g This Star shaped spice is native to southern China and Vietnam. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Sumac, 50g Very tart, fruity and astringent. Used in the Middle East as a condiment to sprinkle on bread and meat. Sumac is excellent on meat before grilling and in salads like fattoush. Unit price: £3.95 (approx. €4.42) This product is also available in a tin
Tarragon French, 35g One of the few herbs that are actually better dried than fresh. Goes well with chicken, fish, asparagus, eggs and tomatoes. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Thai Herb Mix, 35g A mix of Lemon Grass, Kaffir Lime leaves, coriander leaves, chilli and galangal. Adds flavour to Tom Yum based soups or curries. Unit price: £3.95 (approx. €4.42)
Thyme, 40g A warm, earthy, peppery fragrance. Use with lamb, leeks, mushrooms, pulses, game and tomatoes. Combines well with allspice, basil, bay, chillies, clove, garlic and nutmeg. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Thyme, Lebanese, 40g Very strong tasting Thyme, often combined with Sumac and sesame seeds in the Middle East for sprinkling on chicken. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Thyme, Winter, 40g This winter thyme is slightly warmer and more mellow than the other types of thyme. Combines well with rosemary, savory, marjoram for long-cooked winter stews. Unit price: £3.65 (approx. €4.09)
TONQUIN BEANS (TONGA), 25g This oval shaped dried bean hails from the Caribbean and is often used as vanilla bean replacement as it has a slight flavour of vanilla and chocolate. Great for desserts, puds, icecream and cocktails. Unit price: £3.95 (approx. €4.42)
Turmeric, 75g Combines well with chillies, cloves, coconut milk, coriander leaves and seeds, cumin, curry leaves, fennel, galangal and kaffir lime leaves. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Turmeric, ground, 75g Essential to curry blends, turmeric gives that yellow colour to the food. Use sparingly as to much of it can turn the dish bitter. See also our Fresh Turmeric in the fresh produce section. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Tuscan Herb Mix, 40g A nice warm blend of Fennel, Marjoram, Basil, Oregano, Lemon Thyme and Bay. Great for slow-cooked meat dishes. Unit price: £3.95 (approx. €4.42)
Vanilla Pods - Madagascar, per pod This is the Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar which is the finest in the world. Keep the pod in a jar of sugar to preserve them, then boil up in the dish of your choice. After cooking rinse the pod slightly and stick back in the sugar. Use again and again. Unit price: £1.99 (approx. €2.23)
Vegetable Herb mix, 35g This very aromatic herb blend goes well with vegetables, either steamed or roasted. Key note fennel, rose petals, parsley, coriander, oregano, chervil and chives. Unit price: £3.95 (approx. €4.42)
Wild Thyme, 40g This Italian wild Thyme has a hint of mint and cloves and can withstand long cooking without losing its flavour. Unit price: £2.95 (approx. €3.30)
Zedoary Mediaeval ginger, 50g Sometimes known as Kencur, this rhizome has the flavour of young ginger with a hint of green mango. Used in South East Asian dishes alongside ginger and galangal. Unit price: £3.65 (approx. €4.09)